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Study of the performance of sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum) crop in greenhouses with the use of shading

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Authors: J. López-Marín, I. Porras, C. Ros, J. M. Brotons-Martínez
Issue: 112-1 (57-71)
Topic: Agricultural Economics
Keywords: crop protection, VAN, screen, performance

High temperatures in the greenhouse during the summer produce a reduction in fruit set of sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum) and consequently a decrease in performance and the quality of the productions. The high temperatures produce physiological disorders, such as sunny (sunburn). To study these effects, were analyzed the growth performance of growing peppers in three greenhouses; namely without shade, whitewashed and with screen shading. The production was monitored every 15 days in three cropping systems and economically evaluated according to the average market prices for the period 2005 to 2013. The greatest economic performance was achieved with the use of the screen shading. Meanwhile, the study of weekly returns show that the performance is decreasing in recent weeks and if the screen shading the crop can be extended for 3 more weeks, until the second week of September

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