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Issue 101-3 Jul 2005

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Animal Production
New technologies applied to processing and evaluation of bovine semen in artificial insemination centers
R. Muiño, M. Fernández, H. Areán, J.L. Viana, M. López, A. Fernández, A.I. Peña
Comparison of the activity of the colonies of Apis mellifera L. submitted to instrumental insemination with that of the colonies naturally fertilized
S.M.A. Pires, A. Josa, A.R. Costa
Mating strategy to optimize genetic progress and inbreeding for slaughtering wheigt in sheep
M.A. Jiménez, M. Izquierdo
Plant Production
Operative Methodology to Obtain the Crop Coefficient from Satellite Images
A. Cuesta, A. Montoro, A.M. Jochum, P. López, A. Calera
The evolution of morphological parameters of swiss chard harvested leaf by leaf
P. Hoyos, V. Álvarez, A. Rodríguez