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Issue 104-3 Sep 2008

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Plant Production
Effects of the application of the new CAP and the Water Framework Directive in irrigated agriculture. The case of Arévalo-Madrigal (Ávila) county
J. Gallego y J.A. Gómez-Limón
Reuse of spent mushrooms substrates in edible mushrooms production
A. Pardo Giménez
EMR 1.0: Tool at the service of environmental surveillance of irrigated land
Jesús Causapé Valenzuela
Animal Production
Poultry genetic type’s growth and carcass comparison for semiextensive housing systems in the region of Soria (Spain)
José Angel Miguel, Jesús Ciria, Begoña Asenjo, José Luis Calvo, Alicia Gómara, Amadeu Francesch
Role of ?-carotene and A vitamin in bovine reproduction: a review
L.A. Quintela, C. Díaz, J.J. Becerra, G. Alonso, S. Gracia, P.G. Herradón