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Issue 104-4 Dec 2008

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Animal Production
Pospartum evaluation in rubia Gallega Breed
J.J. Becerra, L.A. Quintela, C. Díaz, C. Rey, S. Gracia, P.G. Herradón
Plant Production
Bloom density, fruit set and fruit traits in almond as related to the type of fruiting branches
O. Kodad y R. Socias i Company
Effects of integrated weed control on labour organization and economic profitability of farms
G. Pardo, M.J. Riravololona, M.S. Petit, P. Farcy, N. Munier-Jolain
Black truffle (Tuber melanosporum Vitt.) obtention in a mycorrhized oak orchard of a traditional irrigated land
C. Palazón, I. Delgado, J. Barriuso, S. Sánchez, C. Asensio
Isolation and culture of protoplasts from the plum rootstock ‘Marianna 2624’ (Prunus cerasifera Ehrh x P. munsoniana W. Wight & Hedrick)
P. Andreu, A. Arbeloa, N. Terrén, J.A. Marín