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Issue 105-1 Mar 2009

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Animal Production
Growth modelling in three Spanish chicken genetics types and a COMMERCIAL line SASSO. Effect of the type of housing
J.A. Miguel, B. Asenjo, J. Ciria y J.L. Calvo
Risk factors for retained placenta in the cow: A retrospective study in the North West of Spain
J.J. Becerra, L.A. Quintela, C. Díaz, P.G. Herradón
“Chivo Lechal Malagueño” meat quality as affected by carcass weight
M. Juárez, J.M. Micheo, E. García, F. Peña, O. Polvillo
Plant Production
Economic profitability in the Urgell Canals (Lleida, Spain) irrigation area
M.M. Clop, Ll. Cots, M. Esteban, J.D. Barragán
Some commercial strategies carried out for Castilla-La Mancha Organic Wines
R. Bernabéu, M. Díaz, R. Olivas
Evaluation of quality parameters in the saffron from Jiloca (Teruel)
J.M. Álvarez, C. Mallor
Plant material of peach, situation in Spain
G. Llácer, J. M. Alonso, M.J. Rubio, I. Batlle, I. Iglesias, F.J. Vargas, J. García-Brunton, M.L. Badenes