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Issue 107-3 Sep 2011

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Plant Production
Analysis about the participation factors in EU agri-environmental programmes of fight against soil erosion in olive groves
J.A. Franco
Do support programs developed by Article 68 contribute to the agricultural activity sustainability? The case of rain-fed agriculture in Castilla y León (Spain)
A. Gómez-Ramos y J. Gallego-Ayala
The quantification of no-food biomass production to obtain energy in Spain
C.G. Hernández Díaz-Ambrona y A. Fuertes Sánchez
Animal Production
Effect of slaughter age in growth and carcass characteristics in chickens of Castellana Negra improved breed and crossbreed with Penedesenca Negra improved breed
J.A. Miguel, L. Escoda, M.D. Cubilo, M. Tor, B. Asenjo, J. Ciria y A. Francesch
Effect of sex and crossbreeding on instrumental and sensory quality and appraisal of meat from Avileña-Negra Ibérica cattle breed
B. Panea, G. Ripoll, J.L. Olleta y C. Sañudo