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Issue 110-2 Jun 2014

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Plant Production
Edaphic characterization and distribution of 137Cs of representative soil profiles on mountainous Mediterranean agroecosystems
L. Gaspar, A. Navas, J. Machín, M. López-Vicente y J. Gómez-Arozamena
Basic operations and preliminary results on the growth and survival rates of tench (Tinca tinca L.) and lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) in an aquaponic prototype
J.R. Lobillo, V.M. Fernández-Cabanás, E. Chiara y F.J. Candón L.
Animal Production
Carcass and meat characteristics of cullewes from Corriedale breed
D. Civit, M.D. Díaz, E. Rodríguez y C.A. González
Reasons for culling among Holstein dairy cattle in herds in the Dairy Herd Improvement Program
R. Fouz, E. Yus, M.L. Sanjuán y F.J. Diéguez
Agricultural Economics
Changes in productivity and its determinants in Cuba dairy farms
J. Flores, J. Herrera-Toscano y S. Flores
Spanish virgin olive oil Designations of Origin. A technical efficiency analysis
F. Vidal, J. Aparicio, J.T. Pastor y D. Pastor