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Issue 108-2 Jun 2012

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Plant Production
Dynamics of an aquifer and water quality in a traditional irrigated land in the Ebro river basin
I. García-Garizábal
Identification of start conditions of sweet cherry ecodormancy varieties: Brooks, New Star, Garnet and Stella
E. Tersoglio, G. Naranjo, O. Quiroga y N. Setien
Knowledge and opinions about the Common Agricultural Policy: an analysis from citizens’ view
M. Salazar-Ordóñez, M. Rodríguez-Entrena y S. Sayadi
In vitro recovery of endangered and aged plum clones
A. Arbeloa, P. Andreu, P. Lorente, E. García y J.A. Marín
Animal Production
Reproductive management in rabbits
M.D. Vega, M. Barrio, L.A. Quintela, J.J. Becerra, J. Cainzos, A. Prieto, A. Rodríguez-Zamora y P.G. Herradón
Use of maize silage in beef heifers fattening diets: effects on performance, carcass and meat quality
I. Casasús, G. Ripoll y P. Albertí
Evolution of fighting bull production in Spain. Livestock census
J.M. Lomillos, M.E. Alonso, C. Sánchez-García y V. Gaudioso
Visual appraisal of beef: Relationship with CIELab colour space
G. Ripoll, B. Panea y P. Albertí