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Issue 109-1 Mar 2013

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Plant Production
Influence of nitrogen and potassium fertilization in the aromatic quality in Lilium “Starfighter” flowers
G. Salazar-Orozco, M.C. Ruíz-Sánchez, L.A. Valdez-Aguilar, L. Pistelli, C. Ruíz-Olmos y A. Grassotti
Control of Fusarium vascular wilt on carnation using soil bio-disinfection in south west of Spain
A. García-Ruiz, D. Palmero, D.L. Valera, M. De Cara, C.A. Ruíz, A. Boix y F. Camacho
Animal Production
Effect of fetal calf serum (FCS), bovine albumin serum (BSA) and polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) suplementation in bovine oocyte maturation medium in vitro
J. Caínzos, M. Barrio, S. Ruibal, J.J. Becerra, L.A. Quintela y P.G. Herradón
The effect of immunocastration and surgically castration on growth performance and carcass quality in fattening period of Iberian female pigs
J. Gómez-Fernández, S. Horcajada, C. Tomás, E. Gómez-Izquierdo y E. de Mercado
Analysis of the evolution of management system in figthing bull farms. Sector issues and challenges
J. M. Lomillos, M.E. Alonso y V. Gaudioso
Assessment of areas under livestock use in the buffer zone of a nature reserve in Chiapas, Mexico
H. Gómez Castro, D. Galdámez Figueroa, F. Guevara Hernández, A. Ley de Coss y R. Pinto Ruiz
Agricultural Economics
Knowledge, environment or health? Investigating the factors that explain organic food consumption in Spain
B. López-Galán, A. Gracia y J. Barreiro Hurle
Positioning of packaging in the market for extra virgin olive oil: an exploratory study
M. Parras-Rosa, M. Vega-Zamora, F.J. Torres-Ruiz, E.M. Murgado-Armenteros y M. Gutiérrez-Salcedo