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Issue 100A-2 2004

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Special Issue dedicated to the memory of Ilmo. Sr. Dr. Francisco Colomer Rocher

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Animal Production
Analysis of preference structure for consumers of organic food in Castilla-La Mancha
R. Bernabéu, A. Tendero
Genetic susceptibility to scrapie in the Black and White Manchego sheep breed
J.A. Bouzada, J. Luque, M.O. Vega, M.E. Donado-Mazarrón, R. Gallego, M.D. Pérez-Guzmán
Influence of the electric energy non-regulated market in the intensive aquaculture plants associated to cooling effluents
J.C. Gutiérrez-Estrada, E. De Pedro-Sanz, R. López-Luque, I. Pulido-Calvo
Main motivations and discouraging factors for the implementation of ISO 9000 standards in Spanish agribusiness sector
M.T. Maza, V. Ramírez