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Issue 100V-3 2004

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Plant Production
Effect of boron sprayings on pear fruit cracking in irrigation and dry conditions
R. Núñez, T. Casero
Integrated production in the citrus industry and its adoption by small farms
MA. Fernández-Zamudio, I. Pavia, P. Caballero
Temperature and packaging effects on postharvest quality of green asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.)
I. Firpo, R. Rotondo, J. Ferratto, R. Murray
New crop load index on sweet cherry Prunus avium cvs. 'Rainier' y 'Bing'. Its relationship with size, soluble solids contain and the distribution of fruit rows
E. Tersoglio, M.L. Rivero, C. Aruani, M. Quiroga
Truffle cultivation in Spain: state of the art and future prospects
S. Reyna, A. de Miguel, C. Palazón, A. Hernández, M. de Román