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Issue 98A-1 2002

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Animal Production
The Common Organisation of the Market in milk and milk products in the Common Agricultural Policy reform (Agenda 2000) and Spanish milk production
V. Calcedo Ordóñez
Prediction of kids carcass composition by in vivo ultrasonography
V. Cadavez, S. Rodrigues, E. Pereira, R. Delfa, A. Teixeira
Effect of melatonin and plane of nutrition on reproductive parameters of Rasa Aragonesa ewes
J.A. Abecia, F. Forcada, O. Zúñiga, J.A. Valares
Effect of the sire breed (Corriedale, Texel, Île de France and Milchschaf) and of the sex on meat production in Corriedale ewes progeny in Uruguay
G. Bianchi, G. Garibotto, O. Bentancur