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Wine image and positioning on social media: An exploratory examination of 'Castilla y León' wineries in Spain

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Authors: B. Urbano‑López de Meneses
Issue: 114-3 (303-321)
Topic: Agricultural Economics
Keywords: Wine Marketing, PCA, Tagxedo, Howsociable, differenciation, estrategic plan on social media

The explosion in the use of social media makes necessary to bridge the gap between the impact and performance of social media as a marketing tool. The aim of this exploratory examination is to analyze the image of active wineries on social media. The wineries image was studied using, while was used to analyze the positioning of wineries according to their activity on social media. A Principal Component Analysis (PCA) was used to reduce the image variables and a chi‑squared test revealed the image that differentiates the wineries with best positioning on social media. The results show that the wineries image on social media is based on the production process and the winery communication. There is a low activity of wineries on social media and most active wineries are positioned similarly to other international wineries. No differentiated image was found, except for history, confirming the lack of strategy on social media. A strategic plan on social media for wineries is proposed.

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