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Articles in Press

In this section, you will find articles, technical notes and bibliographic reviews that have been accepted for publication in the Journal ITEA-Información Técnica Económica Agraria, which have not yet been assigned to a specific volume. Articles in press are citable, providing they have a DOI associated ( There may be differences between the press version and the final one due to the correction and layout process. Ver Versión Española

Potential use of Creosote bush extract as disinfectant on Salmonella typhimurium for broiler pens
S. López‑Aguirre, J.M. Pinos‑Rodríguez, G. Álvarez‑Fuentes, J.C. García‑López y H Méndez‑Cortes

Sexual activity of eight‑month old ram-lambs as a tool to predict adult sexual activity
J.A. Abecia, C. Ferreira y M. Carvajal‑Serna

Novel indicators of DFD beef: oxidative stress, autophagy and apoptosis
A. Díaz‑Luis, F. Díaz, Y. Diñeiro, L. González‑Blanco, E. Arias, A. Coto‑Montes, M. Oliván y V. Sierra

Farm succession of family farms in Mexico center
A. Romero‑Padilla, S.R. Márquez‑Berber, V.H. Santoyo‑Cortés, A.V. Ayala‑Garay y J.R. Altamirano‑Cárdenas

Emissions in forage production of dairy farms
G. Salcedo

New alternatives in Iberian pig feeding: use of hazelnut Gevuina
M.P. Serrano, N. Ruiz‑de Dulanto y A.I. Rey

Growth and total nutrimental absorption of baby romaine lettuce cultivated with led lighting under plant factory system
V.H. Avendaño‑Abarca, D.C. González‑Sandoval, J.P. Munguía‑López, R. Hernández‑Cuevas, A.I. Luna‑Maldonado, J.A. Vidales‑Contreras, G. Niño‑Medina y H. Rodríguez‑Fuentes

Influence of liquid feeding with milk whey on "chorizo gallego" fatty acid profile
I. González‑Torres, P. González, N. Cobas, J.C. Barrio, L. Vázquez, L. Purriños, D. Franco, R. Domínguez y J.M. Lorenzo

Welfare and performance results in meat rabbits during their lactation and fattening. A review
M. López, C. Cervera y J.J. Pascual


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