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Characteristic of fruitful laterals of red raspberry varieties (floricane fruiting)

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Authors: E. Carcelén Fernández, J. García Berrios
Issue: 96V-2 (116-123)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Red raspberry, fruiting, fruitful lateral, fruit weigth, Rubus idaeus L.

This work studies the length, harvest period, number of possible and harvested fruits, fruit weight and size, of fruitful laterals of thirteen red raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) floricane fruiting varieties, at "Terra Cha", Lugo (NW Spain). Despite of presenting a great variability those parameters allow us to stablish groups of varieties. From the results it can be stressed that the fruitful laterals of canes pruned at 1.60 m shows usefull characteristics as reference for both qualitative and quantitative production.

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