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Issue 112-1 Mar 2016

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Plant Production
Phytosanitary status of saffron crop in Aragón (Spain): insects, mites, nematodes, viruses, bacteria and weeds
A. Cirujeda, Mª M. Coca-Abia, F. Escriu, A. Palacio-Bielsa, A. I. Marí, P. Zuriaga, J. Aibar, M. Luis, C. Zaragoza

Summer truffle in the Iberian Peninsula: current status and crop potential
S. Sánchez, A.M. De Miguel, R. Sáez, M. Martín-Santafé, B. Águeda, J. Barriuso, S. García-Barreda, D. Salvador-Alcalde, S. Reyna

Animal Production
Characterization and modelization of the first five weeks of lactation of Ojalada ewes lambing single lambs for suckling lamb production
J.A. Miguel, J.L. Calvo, J. Ciria y B. Asenjo

Relationship between the effects of the BMP15 gene and the polygenic effects on prolificacy in the rasa Aragonesa sheep breed
S. Fathallah, J.L. Alabart, L. Bodin, M.A. Jiménez-Hernando, B. Lahoz, E. Fantova, I. David, J.J. Jurado

Agricultural Economics
Study of the performance of sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum) crop in greenhouses with the use of shading
J. López-Marín, I. Porras, C. Ros, J. M. Brotons-Martínez

The value of ISO 9001 certification in the Spanish small and medium enterprises belonging to the agriculture sector: the impact of the economic crisis
J.M. Brotons y M.E. Sansalvador

Socio-economic and emotional determinants in the consumption of new food. A pilot study
Ramo Barrena, Teresa García, Natalia López-Mosquera



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