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Issue 120-2 Jun 2024

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Plant Production
The new therapy for plants? - Essential oils for disease control in agriculture
Maricela Santiago‑Santiago, Gabriela Sánchez‑Viveros, Nicolaza Pariona, Luis Guillermo Hernández‑Montiel y Roberto Gregorio Chiquito‑Contreras

Animal Production
Genetic situation of the main pure lines of the Spanish merino
Gabriel Anaya, Antonio Granero y María Jesús Alcalde

The introduction of insect meal as a supplement in ruminant rations: a strategy to be adopted in the short term in the face of raw material scarcity. A review
Cristina Castillo, Rodrigo Muiño, Jose Luis Benedito y Joaquín Hernández

Influence of the sexual stimulus on libido and seminal quality of the Murciano Granadina caprine breed
Sonia Galián, Begoña Peinado, Salvador Ruiz, Ángel Poto y Laura Almela

Gen KIT variants and its relation to grey, white, and blue eyes (BEW phetnotype) in alpacas
Carola Melo‑Rojas, P. Walter Bravo‑Matheus, José Carlos Arias‑Flores, Celso Zapata‑Coacalla

Agricultural Economics
Profitability of olive mill pomace composting as a bioeconomy alternative
David Polonio, Anastasio J. Villanueva y José A. Gómez‑Limón



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