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Issue 102-2 Jun 2006

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Special Issue: XIII Meeting on animal breeding
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Animal Production
Association of a missense mutation in the MC4R gene with growth and carcass traits in Iberian pigs
C. Óvilo, A. Fernández, E. De Pedro, J. García-Casco, C. Rodríguez, L. Silió

QTL affecting plasma cholesterol and triglycerides concentrations in pigs
D. Gallardo, R. Pena, M. Amills, L. Varona, O. Ramírez, J. Soler, J. Tibau, J. Reixach, I. Díaz, J.M. Prat, J.L. Noguera, R. Quintanilla

Selection for reduced variance
N. Ibáñez, D. Sorensen, A. Blasco

¿Why residuals are symmetric in genetic evaluation?
L. Varona, N. Ibáñez, R.N. Pena, J.L. Noguera, R. Quintanilla

Analysis of proportional hazards models fitting with parametric bootstrap
J. Casellas, J. Tarrés, J. Piedrafita, L. Varona

Preliminary estimates of heritabilities for growth traits in gilthead seabream (Sparus auratus L.)
A. Navarro, M.J. Zamorano, M.A. Pérez-Cabal, O. González-Recio, C. Mazorra, R. Ginés, J.M. Afonso

Genetic parameters of milk traits in manchega breed sheep
M. Ramón, M.T. Fernández-Perea, M.D. Pérez-Guzmán, P.J. Sánchez, M. Serrano

Genetic evaluation of litter size for multiple parities in a dam line of Large White pigs
A. Fernández, M.C. Rodríguez, L. Silió

Phylogenetic diversity as a tool in conservation of animal genetic resources
F. Goyache, J.L. Carús, I. Álvarez, J.P. Gutiérrez, I. Fernández, L.J. Royo

Losses of genetic diversity in the rare Xalda sheep breed due to the implementation of a selective policy including the increase of resistance to scrapie
I. Álvarez, L.J. Royo, J.P. Gutiérrez, J.J. Arranz, I. Fernández, F. Goyache

Assessment of a microsatellite marker set for parentage testing in six Spanish goat breeds
P.J. Azor, M. Luque, M. Valera, M. Herrera, A. Membrillo, E. Rodero, A. Molina

A note on WinLoki: a user’s interface for Loki
S. Iglesias, J.J. Arranz, I. Álvarez, I. Fernández, L.J. Royo, F. Goyache

Evaluation of Visible Implant Elastomer (VIE) and Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) systems to tag fingerling of red porgy (Pagrus pagrus): effects on growth, mortality and tag loss
M. Soula, A. Navarro, M.J. Zamorano, J. Roo, F. Real, R. Ginés, C.M. Hernández-Cruz, J.M. Afonso

Estimation of heritabilities for growth and cardiorespiratory organ traits in Arctic charr, Salvelinus alpinus L.
M.A. Montañez, R. Ginés, A. Navarro, J.M. Afonso, H. Thorarensen

Connectedness between Murciano-Granadina goat herds through artificial insemination in the Valencian Community
E.A. Gómez, A. Grimal, I. Salvador, M.P. Viudes-de-Castro, J. Bernácer, B. Martínez-Navalón, E. Hernández, A. Ribelles, M.A. Silvestre

Preliminary results about genetic parameters associated with weight gain in mice
N. Ibáñez, A. Moreno, C. Salgado, P. Piqueras, B. Nieto, J.P. Gutiérrez

Isolation, culture, and characterization of embryonic cell lines from bovine blastocysts
A. Rodríguez, P. Fisher, R. Alberio, E. Gómez, C. Díez, L.J. Royo, J.N. Caamaño, S. Pérez, K.H.S. Campbell

Analysis of estimators based on molecular information to infer genealogical coancestry
S.T. Rodríguez-Ramilo, M.A. Toro, A. Caballero, J. Fernández

Extrinsic effects that influence the evaluations of the judges in morpho-functional horse-shows of Spanish Purebred horses
M.D. Gómez, I. Cervantes, J.A. Gessa, A. Horcada, A. Molina, M. Valera

Simultaneous evaluation for male and female fertility in dairy cattle
O. González-Recio, R. Alenda

Estimation of economic value for calving ease in Basque Hostein population
E. López de Maturana, E. Ugarte, H. Komen, J.A.M. van Arendonk

Analysis of the genetic progress in the Assaf Leon breeding program
M.A. Jiménez, J.J. Jurado



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