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Issue 110-4 Dic 2014

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Plant Production
The effect of water salinity on growth and ionic concentration and relation in plant tissues in Zinnia elegans and Tagetes erecta for use in urban landscasping
A. Escalona, M. C. Salas-Sanjuán C. Dos Santos y M. Guzmán

Organic production and antioxidant capacity of cucumber fruit
H.A. Díaz-Méndez, P. Preciado-Rangel, V.P. Álvarez-Reyna, M. Fortis-Hernández, J.L. García-Hernández y E. Sánchez-Chávez

Animal Production
A sustainability assessment of organic and conventional beef cattle farms in agroforestry systems: the case of the ?dehesa? rangelands
A.J. Escribano, P. Gaspar, F.J. Mesías, A.F. Pulido y M. Escribano

Normal vs. DFD beef: evaluation by a consumer panel and comparison by pH and color
R. Álvarez, M. Valera y M.J. Alcalde

Agricultural Economics
The introduction of a water rights trading scheme in the Segre Basin and the contribution of reused irrigation water.
M. Blanco y M. Viladrich-Grau

Technical and economic analysis of different olive production systems in semiarid regions of the Ebro Valley (Spain)
A. Arbonés, M. Pascual y J. Rufat



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