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Normal vs. DFD beef: evaluation by a consumer panel and comparison by pH and color

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Authors: R. Álvarez, M. Valera y M.J. Alcalde
Issue: 110-4 (368-373)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Sensory analysis, tenderness, juiciness, overall acceptability

The aim of this report was to evaluate normal and DFD beef by a consumer panel, as well as to compare both types of meat through their pH, colour parameters (L*, a*, b*, C* y hº) and reflectance spectra (400-700 nm). All parameters were measured at 8 days of ageing. Besides, 64 consumers evaluated acceptability of tenderness, juiciness, flavor and overall acceptability for the two types of meat. Colour variables supported that DFD meat colour is darker, browner and more saturated (P < 0,001) than normal meat. In the reflectance spectra the more significant differences (P <0.001) between the two types of meat appeared from 500 nm. Significant differences between both types of meat were observed for acceptability of tenderness (P < 0.001), juiciness and overall acceptability (P < 0.01). Therefore, it could be said that consumers preferred the DFD meat than the normal one.

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