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Articles in Press

In this section, you will find articles, technical notes and bibliographic reviews that have been accepted for publication in the Journal ITEA-Información Técnica Económica Agraria, which have not yet been assigned to a specific volume. Articles in press are citable, providing they have a DOI associated ( There may be differences between the press version and the final one due to the correction and layout process. Ver Versión Española

Application of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to non‑destructive morphological analysis of meat pieces. An approach to the selection of pork legs Abstract
Víctor Remiro, María Isabel Cambero, María Isabel García‑Real, María Dolores Romero de Ávila, David Castejón, Carlos Santos y María Encarnación Fernández‑Valle

Genetic situation of the main pure lines of the Spanish merino
Gabriel Anaya, Antonio Granero y María Jesús Alcalde

The introduction of insect meal as a supplement in ruminant rations: a strategy to be adopted in the short term in the face of raw material scarcity. A review
Cristina Castillo, Rodrigo Muiño, Jose Luis Benedito y Joaquín Hernández

Use of 360° Virtual Tours of augmented reality to improve the learning of experimental skills in sensory evaluation of food
Giuseppe Fregapane y M. Desamparados Salvador

Influence of the sexual stimulus on libido and seminal quality of the Murciano Granadina caprine breed
Sonia Galián, Begoña Peinado, Salvador Ruiz, Ángel Poto y Laura Almela

Antimicrobial residues assessment over commercialized meat samples from the cross-border area Spain‑France: a new approach for effective monitoring
María Jesús Serrano, Janire Elorduy, Itsaso Zabaleta, Georges Istamboulie, Elena González‑Fandos, Alain Bousquet‑Melou, Luis Mata, Chloé Aymard, Jessica Da Silva, Marlène Lacroix, Alba Martínez‑Laorden, Diego García‑Gonzalo, Santiago Condón, Eunate Abilleira, Rafael Pagán

Gen KIT variants and its relation to grey, white, and blue eyes (BEW phetnotype) in alpacas
Carola Melo Rojas, P. Walter Bravo Matheus, José Carlos Arias Flores, Celso Zapata Coacalla


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