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Issue 106-4 Dic 2010

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Animal Production
Carcass and meat characteristics of suckling lambs from Ansontana breed: sex effect
B. Panea, M. Joy, G. Ripoll, J. Boscolo y P. Alberti

Relationship between the Venezuela and EU classification systems bovine carcasses for Brahman castrated male tropical conditions-bred. Effect of the time of birth
J.A. Miguel, S.J. Meléndez, B. Asenjo, J.L. Calvo, J. de la Fuente y J. Ciria

Estimations of aerial biomass and secuestred carbon in Gliricidia sepium (lam.) and Leucaena leucocephala (jacq.) and its application in silvopastoral systems
H. Gómez-Castro, R. Pinto-Ruiz, F. Guevara-Hernández y A. Gonzalez-Reyna

Plant Production
Determination of fosforous, potassium and organic matter critical levels in organoponics substrate
R. Caballero, M. Vento, P. Chaveli, L. Font y D. Rodríguez

Response of canola (Brassica napus) al different conservation tillage in rainfed Purhepecha Plateau, Michoacan, Mexico
M.A. Cepeda y B.L. Gómez

Micropropagation and in vitro grafting of pistachio
E. García, P. Lorente, J.A. Marín, A. Arbeloa y P. Andreu

Elimination of bacteria from in vitro shoot cultures of “Douce de Djerba”, a micropropagated apple cultivar
J.A. Marin, M. Boudabous, P. Lorente, E. García, P. Andreu y A. Arbeloa



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