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Determination of fosforous, potassium and organic matter critical levels in organoponics substrate

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Authors: R. Caballero, M. Vento, P. Chaveli, L. Font y D. Rodríguez
Issue: 106-4 (271-281)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: vegetables, fertilization, manure.

Substrate of organoponics are subjected to an intensive exploitation, for what is important to achieve a good handling in their organic fertilization; with the objective of achieving more precision when to carry out this fertilization and to obtain sustained increments of the yields, without the substrate it was carried out a study was deteriorate in three organoponics, where the external critical levels of P2O5, K2O and organic matter were determined; In the other hand they were also evaluated the combined effects of dose of compost of manure vacuno (0, 5, 10 and 15 kg.m-2), applied in three moments (to the beginning, alternamente and in each cultivation) in a vegetable sequence, during three years; the experiments was realized of a block design at random with factorial arrangement and three repetitions. Taking samplings in the substrate, to the beginning and at the end, of each cultivation cycle, the pH (H2O), P2O5, K2O and the percent of organic matter were determined, and the critical limits were obtained: P2O5 (10.00 mg.100g-1), K2O (11.00 mg.100-1) and M.O (17.00%); when these values are for under, it should be applied 5 kg.m-2 of bovine manure composted each two cultivations, to achieve yields above 40.0 kg.m-2 of vegetables. ciclo-1, if the values were superior, it is not necessary applied.

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