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Carcass and meat characteristics of suckling lambs from Ansontana breed: sex effect

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Authors: B. Panea, M. Joy, G. Ripoll, J. Boscolo y P. Alberti
Issue: 106-4 (229-244)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: colour, fatty acids profile, chemical analysis, instrumental texture, sensory analysis.

Sex effect on carcass and meat characteristics of suckling lambs from Ansotana breed were investigated. Following carcass quality measures were determined: subcutaneous fat colour, colour of muscle Rectus abdominis, carcass length, and hind-limb roundness. The compacity index of the carcass (Kg/cm) was calculated. Tisular composition of the carcass was estimated from the dissection of the shoulder. Also, pH, colour of muscle Longissimus thoracis throughout time, chemical composition, fatty acids profile, instrumental texture and sensory characteristics were evaluated. From found results, following conclusions were completed: sex had a moderate effect on carcass and meat characteristics, although males presented better performed carcasses than females and females tended to present greater quantity of subcutaneous fat than males. Females presented a higher proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids and a higher proportion of fatty acids from n-3 and n-6 series than males, but males presented a more favourable n6/n3 ratio than females. No differences between sexes were found on sensory analysis.

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