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Incidence of alterations in the reproductive apparatus of sacrificed cows in a commercial slaughter house of the Province of Lugo (the Northwest of Spain)

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Authors: J. Stephani de Souza, E. Costa Alexandre, L.A. Quintela, J.J. Becerra, J. Cainzos, F. Rivas, A. Prieto y P.G. Herradón
Issue: 106-2 (100-114)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Cattle genital diseases

From December 2008 to June 2009, 150 genital tract, coming from Frisian cows sacrificed into the slaughter house by unknown causes, were removed. The genital tract were put under a detailed examination in order to detect possible ovarian, oviduct and uterine pathologies. The results showed that 4.7% of the cows had ovarian cysts and 17% adhesions of different degree in someone of the ovaries. Concerning the oviducts, more of 21% of the cows shown alterations of the oviductal permeability (in 50% of them it was bilateral). On the other hand, in less than 40% of these impermeable oviducts, detectable alterations by rectal palpation and/or ecography could be appreciated. Also we verified the existence of a significant relation between the presence of ovarian adhesions and alterations in the permeability of oviduct. Finally, the most frequent finding, at uterine level, was the presence of purulent content inside the uterine horns (14.7%). From this study, the most important finding, from a practical point of view, was the great amount of genital apparatuses that presented alterations in the oviductal permeability and which they had a normal appearance.

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