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Main problems on fruit breeding in Spain

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Authors: G. Llácer
Issue: 101-4 (364-372)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: crosses, objectives, funding, fruit quality, resistance, harvest season

This paper is aimed at reviewing the main problems on fruit breeding in Spain. The directors of the breeding programas were asked to give the following information: the year of the first crosses, the location of experimental plots where the crosses were made, the source of funding, the objectives of the programs and the main difficulties encountered during the development of them. The main objectives stated by the directors of the programs were: the improvement of the fruit quality, the introgression of tolerance or resistance to diseases and pests and the enlargement of the harvest season. The main problems encountered were the short and irregular funding, the low involvement of private companies, the lack of knowledge on genetics of these species and the management difficulties from the long juvenile period and the large size of the plants.

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