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Root prunning effect on growth control, yield and return bloom in blanquilla pear

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Authors: L. Asín, R. Dalmau
Issue: 101-4 (392-397)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: growth control, vegetative development, shoots

The aim of this study is to analyze the performance of different types of root pruning (in one or two sides of the row) during 2001-2003, and its effects on growth control and yield. Root pruning reduced shoot length to 27% and in some cases decreased the number of shoots/tree. Root pruning produced an increase in return bloom and an increase in accumulated yield (25 Tn/ha in period 2001-2003). Some significant differences in fruit weight have been registered but it seemed to be related to crop load and not to root pruning. According to root pruning intensity, the most effective option was root pruning in two sides of the row.

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