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Pear cultivar situation and agronomical performance of new cultivars

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Authors: I. Iglesias
Issue: 101-4 (398-409)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Pyrus communis, blooming, yield, quality, agronomical performance

Current pear situation in the European Union and Spain, was analysed based on the production and the evolution of the main cultivars. Four cultivars are the basis of EU pear production: ‘Conferencia’, ‘Abate Fetel’, ‘Williams’ and ‘Blanquilla’. The most significant change in the EU and Spain, has been the huge increase of ‘Conferencia’, nowadays the most important cultivar. In Spain is also significant the decrease of ‘Blanquilla’ and ‘Dr. Jules Guyot’. No new cultivar has had significant impact on varietal mix. Considering maturity time, ‘Etruscacov’ was the most precious. ‘Toscacov’ maturity was at the same time as ‘Ercolini’. ‘Dr Jules Guyot’ is still the reference and its ‘IGE-2002’ new selection was a bit more precocious with good yield. In the middle season ‘Rocha’ showed early yields and good productivity. ‘Harrow Sweetcov’, resistant to fire blight, showed one of the most interesting agronomical performances based on yield and fruit quality, whereas ‘Abate Fetel’ had good quality but low yields. Later in the season, ‘Fertilia Delbard®’ has been the most precocious and productive cultivar. ‘Sweet Blush®’ (Verdy), one the latest maturity cultivars, provided high quality and size but poor agronomical performance, due to the lack of compatibility with quince roostocks. ‘Angelyscov’ showed excellent eating quality and big size, but fruit were barely russeted.

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