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The standardization of graphical symbols for irrigation plans: The particular case of Spain

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Authors: F.J. Pérez-Latorre y F.J. Gallego-Álvarez
Issue: 109-2 (169-182)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Standardization, graphic symbols, plans, irrigation project.

Plans are the main instrument of communication in the engineering process of irrigation installations works, which ranges from the elaboration of the project to the final delivery of the work, and the standardization of graphical symbols that appear on them is of fundamental importance to that communication be really effective. Nowadays there isn’t a specific standard that includes all the elements that can appear on irrigation projects. These appear a dispersed among different standards, which cover only certain particular aspects, and in many cases they refer to fields not strictly related to irrigation. The aim of this work is to define the current situation of the standardization of graphical symbols for irrigation projects by analyzing the currently existing standards, especially standards relating to the drafting of the irrigation projects edited by UNE EN ISO, AS, DIN, ASAE, NTE and IRAM. The analysis highlighted two types of functional irregularities: the existence of several different symbols for the same element and the lack of graphical symbols for certain elements.

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