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Analysis of the genetic progress obtain in the selection program in Manchega sheep breed

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Authors: J.J. Jurado, M. Serrano, Mª D. Pérez-Guzmán
Issue: 102-1 (41-54)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Genetic trends, Selection paths,Dairy sheep

The realised genetic trend in the Manchega sheep breed is analysed in detail after several years of implementation of the selection scheme. The estimated trend (0.818±0.057 litres/year) is lower than estimated trends in other Spanish sheep breeds schemes, being a 0.84 % of the phenotypic mean. The estimated contributions of each path of selection indicate that the reasons for this low value are partly due to the fact that the contribution of the sires of sires path to the total genetic gain is negligible, while the dams of sires path is responsible for 60 % of the total gain. The low contribution of the sires of sires path is explained by the low genetic level of the sires under progeny test in the first years, due to the low genetic merit of their own sires (although their dams were of high merit). Nowadays, this problem has been solved since a high pedigree index is required when selecting candidates to be sires of future generations.

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