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Effect of boron sprayings on pear fruit cracking in irrigation and dry conditions

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Authors: R. Núñez, T. Casero
Issue: 100V-3 (137-144)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Pear, boron, cracking, nutrients, leaves, fruit and irrigation

The study was conducted on trees in production to evaluate the effect of foliar boron sprays in irrigation and dry conditions on pear fruit cracking 'Paraíso'. Some macronutrients as N, P and Ca was found in low leaf levels, and the micronutrients had low concentrations too, especially the Mn and Zn. The results showed that the boron applications on leaves increased the levels in this nutrient so much in leaves as in fruits. The boron concentration in healthy fruit 55 days after blooming was higher than in the cracked fruit while al harvest happened the opposite, having high concentration in cracked fruit. The boron sprays achieved decrease the number of cracked fruit for tree in irrigation lands, but wasn't reflected in a increased yield.

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