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'Miroval', a new clonal rootstock for the European type plum cultivars

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Authors: G. Achim, I. Botu, M. Botu, I. Godeanu, A. Baciu, S. Cosmulescu
Issue: 99V-1 (92-96)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Prunus, plum, rootstock, breeding

The plum rootstock 'Miroval' was registered in Romania in 1998 and is a hybrid selection originated from an open pollinated local biotype of Prunus cerasifera Ehrh. ('Mirobolan 5C'). Selection work was carried out at SCDP Vâlcea in 1982. The rootstock is clonally propagated through hard wood cuttings and into special installations proved very good rooting rate (86-92 %). 'Miroval' rootstock assures high vigor for the plum cultivars budded or grafted on it and it has good compatibility with many European type cultivars ('Centenar', 'Carpatin', 'Minerva ', 'Stanley', 'Agen 707', 'Anna Späth'). The budded or grafted plants are uniform and come into bearing in the fourth year. Productivity of the grafted plants is good (15-25 Tn/ha) and the fruit size is normal. 'Miroval' is less susceptible to viral (PPV) and fungal diseases. 'Miroval' has good behavior on forest brown soils and others with good drainage and less then 30 % clay. It has good response to fertilizing and soil tillage through increasing of yield and growth vigor. 'Miroval ' plum rootstock is recommended for the ecological zones with vocation for European plum culture.

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