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Agronomic results of 'Victor', a semi-dwarf cherry rootstock

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Authors: A. Battistini, E. Subirà Berini
Issue: 99V-1 (120-122)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Cherry rootstock, Prunus cerasus, agronomic selection, dry conditions

The nursery "Battistini dr. Giuseppe" produces more than 4 million fruit trees rootstocks annually, through micropropagation. One million of these are cherry rootstocks. This production is sold in Europe and in the Mediterranean area. The nursery constantly conducts experiments with new cherry varieties and rootstocks. The primary aim of the nursery is obtain rootstocks and cultivars that are suitable for the new standards of modern fruit production that include dwarf plants and large fruit. Five years ago, the nursery patented a new semi-dwarf rootstock called 'Víctor®' in Europe. The original plant was a selection of Prunus cerasus, native to the area of Tibet. This plant was obtained from seeds imported from that region 14 years ago by Battistini Giuseppe. The nursery initially effected experiments related to vigour and compatibility with local varieties to select the plants obtained from the imported seeds. Subsequent experiments were carried out by the nursery and by public research institutes; the results evidenced the following characteristics: high yields and early fruiting, dwarfing, resistance to dry condition. Furthermore, the 'Victor®' rootstock proved to be compatible with many cultivars and showed good adaptation to different soil/climatic conditions

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