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Use of the principals components análisis in the evaluation of four onion varieties (Allium cepa L.) in the eastern region of Cuba

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Authors: E. Lescay, C. Moya
Issue: 103-1 (54-59)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Multivariated analysis, fenotypic variance, onion crop.

Four onion varieties during three years in two zones in the Cuba eastern region above Ferralitic red brown without carbonate soils were evaluated. The plots were distributed in random block design with four replays. Plant height, number of leaf per plant, stem false diameter, number of fear and tunic per bulb, bulb diameter, bulb mass, commercial yield, total yield, bulbs of first, bulbs of second, not commercial bulbs, and divided bulbs were evaluated. Correlation and principal components analysis were used in the proceeding of the dates. The results showed that the variables of greater contribution in the total phenotypic variance were number of leaf per plant, number of tunic per bulb, bulb mass, total and commercial yield, bulbs of first and not commercial bulbs.

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