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The competitiveness of Tunisian exports of dates to the European Union

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Authors: H.E. Chebbi, J.M. Gil, M. Ben Kaabia, M. Allaya
Issue: 98V-3 (155-173)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Dates, prices, Tunisia, European markets

The aim of this paper is to analyse the competitive position of Tunisian date exports to the EU market. The analysis is based both on a slight modification of the Boston Consulting Group's competitiveness matrix, using data on quantities imported, and on the evolution of export prices to the EU as a whole and to the main importing countries: France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. Results indicate that EU dates demand for imports has been stabilised in the last years. Tunisia is the main supplier within the EU being France and Italy the main destination of Tunisian exports. Finally it is noticeably that French exports are becoming more important. In fact, France re‑export dates from Algeria bought at low prices, increasing its competitiveness in relation to traditional exporters.

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