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Current dairy cattle situation in Mexico and it influence in the North Center zone

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Authors: A. Aguilar Valdés, A. Luévano González
Issue: 97A-1 (47-66)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Production, consumption, dairy region, NAFTA, imports and deficit

México produces 8% of milk that North America consumes, less lacteous products than EE.UU. and Canada. And it imports big milk volumes, however, the milk production shows a tendency of increase. It expects the decrease of this consume is 40% acording of the FAO minimum cunsumes.
The distribution of the milk production in our territory had origined to the identification of the milk river basin stand produces 75% of the national milk production. Between this milk river basin stand the Comarca Lagunera, localized in the north center of the Mexican Republic. The enterprises of this region work in the 30% of the national pasteurized milk, market and ultrapasteurized milk.

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