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Motion characteristics in bovine ejaculates from holstein and rubia gallega bulls

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Authors: R. Muiño, M. Fernández, A.I. Peña
Issue: 102-1 (55-66)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: computer analysis, race, fresh semen.

For this study, 119 ejaculates from Holstein and Rubia Gallega bulls were used. The semen quality was initially evaluated based on its macrosocopic characteristics, collective motility, individual motility and sperm concentration. After evaluation, the ejaculates scored as “not adequate for cryopreservation” were discarded whereas those selected for cryopreservation were analysed by using a CASA (Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis) system. The aim of the present study was to establish mean values for some motility descriptors observed in bovine fresh semen with optimal quality for cryopreservation. The values obtained in this study could be used as a reference by other institutions using a Sperm Class Analyzer equipment (software SCA®2002 Movilidad, Microptic S.L., Barcelona, España).

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