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Seasonal prevalence of lungworm infections of goats in Castilla‑La Mancha

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Authors: S. Astiz, G. Miró, A. Meana, C. García‑Romero, F. Valcárcel
Issue: 96A-2 (95-101)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Lungworm infection, Muellerius, Neostrongylus, Protostrongylus, Cystocaulus, Dictyocaulus filaria

Seasonal distribution and larval shedding intensity of bronchopulmonary parasites were analysed in 285 fecal samples during two consecutive years from adults goats of Castilla‑La Mancha. A high (81%) prevalence was detected, and Muellerius capillaris was the predominant species. Cystocaulus ocreatus was not seen in any sample. There were not important fluctuations in the prevalence of protostrongilids throughout the year. Dictyocaulus, detected in 10% animals, can not be considered an important pathological infection in goats under our study conditions.

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