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Applying floral analysis for the prognosis and diagnosis of bitter pit

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Authors: M. Sanz, J. Machín
Issue: 95V-2 (118-124)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: floral analysis, prognosis bitter pit, iron chlorosis, fruit quality, apple tree, iron, calcium

The analysis of flowers (Malus pumila Mill) in apple orchards affected by iron chlorosis enables us to relate the iron (Fe) concentration during flowering with the incidence of affectation of bitter pit on its fruit. The correlation index between them was −633*** in 1995 experiments where the incidence of iron chlorosis in the controlled apple trees was quite variable. In 1996 it was −326***, with a low variable chlorosis affectation that permitted a poorer measurement. The correlation of calcium (Ca) with the incidence of bitter pit was −342** and −368** during the two seasons. The subclinical Fe deficiency produces bitter pit and corresponds to floral dry matter values of 310 to 400 ppm.

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