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Characterization of apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) varieties growing in Spanish's southeast

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Authors: M.V. Andrés, J. Rodríguez, J.M. Durán
Issue: 95V-3 (247-266)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: blossom, fruit, maturity, yield, Prunus armeniaca L.

Five year old trees of twenty apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) clones, grown at Abarán (Murcia), were characterized according to: 1, Blooming period; 2, maturity period; 3, fruit morphology and fruit quality and 4, yield. Blooming period, harvesting period and average yield were obtained using three year experimental data. Fruit morphology studies included weight, length, width, thickness and peduncular cavity morphology determinations. Fruit quality was estimated using pH, acidity and soluble solids (Brix degrees). According to the blooming period these clones can be divided into three clearly separated groups: Early flowering (3 clones), medium flowering (13 clones) and late flowering (4 clones). With respect to the maturity period four groups can be established: Very early (5 clones), early (1 clone), medium (11 clones) and late (3 clones). Average yield fluctuated between 40 and 159.0 kg.tree−1 'Velázquez' was the most and 'Pepito' the last productive clones. Morphology and fruit quality also presented highly significant differences. The clones 'Fenómeno', 'Currot' and 'Carrichosa 1x3' could be selectioned for their early maturity period and the clones 'Velázquez', 'Reales Cortos' and 'Chicanos Archena' for their average yield and weight fruit.

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