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Influence of phosphorus and paclobutrazol application, trunk girdling or the size of the container on growth and fruiting of young olive trees (Olea europaea L.)

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Authors: D. Barranco, E. Fernández‑Ocaña
Issue: 94V-2 (51-56)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: olive, girdling, phosphorus, paclobutrazol, container

One‑year‑old olive trees (Olea europaea, L. cv. 'Arbequina') grown during two years in two types of container (2.5 l and 3.5 l), with or without the application of the following treatments: phosphorus fertilizer, trunk girdling and paclobutrazol, with double or triple combinations of these three basic treatments. Vegetative growth was reduced in plants growing in the 2.5 l container compared with thas growing in the 3.5 l. Also, vegetative growth was reduced in all treatments involving paclobutrazol or girdling. Only simple treatment with phosphorus fertilizer increased the number of fruits per plant in both the first and second year after treatment. These results suggest that the non productive period of young olive trees can be reduced by applying biammonium phosphate fertilizer, which may be of interest for use in nurseries.

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