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Proposals for the integral planning of ten municipalities of the area denominated as "Campo de Borja"

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Authors: G. Bergamín, C. Icaran Souville, M.P. Fragoso de Castro Loureiro, V. Ortaçesme, K. Ouamane, F. Ayache, E. Núñez Seoane
Issue: 91V-2 (71-97)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: rural planning, sustainable development, natural resources, Spain, Borja, Saragossa.

The present study is an integral planning proposal for a rural area comprising 10 municipalities of the area denominated as "Campo de Borja" and located in the west region of the province of Saragossa.
After a detailed analysis and diagnosis of the physical and socioeconomic structure of the area, four blocks of alternatives are proposed, namely preservation and protection, production, recreation and the improvement of services and infrastructures, with which it is intented to achieve an integral and sustainable development in the area through an optimum use of the natural resources.
For this stabilization two fundamental characters are taken into consideration, that of conferring a plurifunctional character to the area and that of actively involving the population in this process.

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