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Pesticide application use in Cordoba south holm extensive horticulture

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Authors: R.M. Muñoz Vílchez, P. Ruiz Avilés, J. Jiménez Zurera, A. Díaz Jiménez, A. Granados Sanjuán
Issue: 91V-2 (129-145)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: horticulture, agrichemical management, training, vegetables

This paper studies the agrochemical pesticide application using some inquiries made to horticulturists from Palma del Río, Posadas and Fuente Palmera (Córdoba, Spain) in 1992. It was pretended with the inquiries to know the agrochemical pesticides use, doses, date and the application techniques. The crops analysed were: onion, potato, watermelon, asparagus, cauliflower and orange trees. It was deduced from the results obtained that in many cases, a bad use of agrochemical pesticides is common. This can originate contamination problems, toxicity (on persons, the soil and products), etc. An advising and formation task to the farmers would be necessary for reducing the product dose used and increasing the use of protection systems when the treatment are made.

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