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Breeding soundness and incidence of Trichomoniasis and Campylobacteriosis in beef cattle bulls from Castilla y León

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Authors: Mónica Montañés, Juan José García‑García, Alberto Benito y Raúl Bodas
Issue: 119-1 (54-61)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: spermiogram, fertility, bull, reproductive performance, semen, suckler cow

Bull breeding soundness (BBS) affects directly the fertility of beef cattle herds. BBS is also affected among other factors, by the incidence of reproductive diseases. Spermiograms and the incidence of Trichomonas foetus and Campylobacter spp. in the preputial smegma were assessed on 216 samples from bulls from beef herds of Castille and Leon. A high incidence of campylobacteriosis (35 % of the samples) and a relatively low incidence of trichomoniasis (5 %) were observed, without a clear effect on BBS. Seminal quality was very low and decreased dramatically with the time elapsed since sample obtention to analysis. All these factors adversely affect the herd reproductive performance.


Montañés M, García‑García JJ, Benito A, Bodas R (2023). Calidad seminal e incidencia de tricomonosis y campilobacteriosis en sementales de vacuno de carne de Castilla y León. ITEA‑Información Técnica Económica Agraria 119(1): 54-61.

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