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Fina de Carballo variety: agronomic behaviour and suitability for boiling

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Authors: Noemi Cobas, Luis Vázquez, José Carlos Barrio y Lucio García
Issue: 119-2 (108-123)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: potato, plagues, diseases, production, defects, consumer analysis

Fina de Carballo is a potato variety that has recently been included in the PDG "Patata de Galicia". Currently, its production is scarce. This circumstance accelerates the impoverishment of the variety's genetic resources and puts the future viability of the crop at risk. This work is presented as a comparative study of the variety where productive aspects have been determined, evaluating the main motivations that cause yield losses. Its commercial interest has also been analysed, based on its ability to be sold fresh compared to other varieties frequently used in Spain. The gross production values for Fina de Carballo were lower than those detected in Agria and Kennebec. High percentages of misshapen tubers were observed in Fina de Carballo samples, maybe due to reemployment seed. Whereas no silver scab conditions, rot or hollow tubers were detected. Among its most outstanding sensory attributes are its neutral flavour and a consistency greater than that offered by varieties such as Daifla, Divaa, Frisia or Miranda. The favourable scores in a consumer study reaffirm the need to continue with trials aimed at the genetic improvement of the seed, as well as the permanence and expansion of its cultivation.


Cobas N, Vázquez L, Barrio JC, García L (2023). Variedad de patata Fina de Carballo: comportamiento agronómico y aptitud para la cocción. ITEA‑Información Técnica Económica Agraria 119(2): 108-123.

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