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Relationship between the Venezuela and EU classification systems bovine carcasses for Brahman castrated male tropical conditions-bred. Effect of the time of birth

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Authors: J.A. Miguel, S.J. Meléndez, B. Asenjo, J.L. Calvo, J. de la Fuente y J. Ciria
Issue: 106-4 (245-255)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Bos indicus, conformation, Spearman correlation, fat content

In this work occurs the relationship between some productive parameters and classification of bovine carcasses of Venezuela and the European Union, for Brahman males castrated to birth, their own environment in intensive system in the Llano Venezuelan, depending on your time of birth (dry or wet), as well as the relationship between the two systems. It was controlled weight at birth, weight and age at weaning, weight and age to slaughter, weight during the fattening and the performance gain carcass, 1478 castrated to the birth of Brahman, 750 males born between the months of June and July (rainy season) and 728 born between the months of January and February (time of drought). All the carcasses were classified according to the Venezuelan system and the European Union for bovine animals. The effect of the time of birth influenced significantly the growth of animals, although there was no difference in the weight at birth, if there was at weaning weight (194.14 vs. 177.55) and the slaughter (503.17 vs. 493.01), for those born in dry season. The time of birth did not influence the classification of carcasses, finding AA-optimal class according to the Venezuelan system, E-excellent and U-very well for the EU to the conformation and good fat content (3-covered) according to the system of the EU system carcass. Regardless of the time of birth, it was found for both, the Venezuelan and EU classification, greater slaughter weight as well as higher gain weight and killing out percentage involved positively with superior carcasses ratings. Found a high correlation between the Venezuelan system and the EU (0.92 for conformation and 0.94 for fat content), in both times of birth, so that better classified carcasses as Venezuela system they are also best classifications according to the EU system

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