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In vivo and in vitro behaviour of apricot cultivars to plum pox potyvirus (sharka)

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Authors: P. Martínez ‑Gómez, M. Rubio, F. Dicenta
Issue: 97V-1 (18-25)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Apricot, Prunus armeniaca L., sharka, plum pox potyvirus, resistance, in vivo evaluation, in vitro evaluation

In this work, the behaviour in in vivo and in vitro conditions of 4 apricot cultivars, 'Stark Early Orange' and 'Goldrich' (American), 'Harcot' (Canadian) and 'Real Fino' (Spanish), to a sharka (plum pox potyvirus, PPV) Spanish isolate was studied. The results showed a high correlation between the in vivo and in vitro, evaluation. 'Stark Early Orange' and 'Goldrich' behaved as resistance, whereas 'Real Fino' was susceptible. On the other hand, 'Harcot' behaved different, as resistant in vivo and tolerant in in vitro. The in vitro evaluation of resistance to PPV could be a suitable method to evaluate the resistance to PPV in apricot breeding programs as a complement to the traditional in vivo evaluation.

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