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Integrated production in the citrus industry and its adoption by small farms

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Authors: MA. Fernández-Zamudio, I. Pavia, P. Caballero
Issue: 100V-3 (145-164)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Quality, traceability, EUREP-GAP protocol, costs

Competitiveness of Spanish citriculture is strong. Nevertheless, increasing demands from both consumers and dealers, and pressure from other citrus producing countries make quality the key factor for maintaining Spanish leadership. Quality must expand its traditional meaning and include other concepts such as healthiness, environmentally friendly production and processing and business security.
In response to this new situation, the term Integrated Production (IP) was coined. The introduction and implementation of LP in the citrus industry and its adoption by small farms have been analyzed. In addition, quality labels created by private companies and government-controlled IP have been studied.
Although economic results do not make IP very attractive for growers, it will certainly expand because of pressure from large retailers-dominated demand.

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