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Use of innovations at the cattle breeders "Joachín", Veracruz, Mexico

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Authors: G. Galindo González
Issue: 96A-2 (102-114)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Transference, advisory service, extension

On may 1998, a research project was carried out in the state of Veracruz, Mexico, in order to evaluate of a madel implemented to transfer innovations in the rural enviroment named: "Cattle breeders association for the validatior and technology transfer (GGAVATT)" to carry it out. They selected the GGAVATT integrated in 1989. Three groups of breeders were selected (I, the actual participants; II, the participants in the past; III, those who have not participated, and which are located in a cattle region of the named state). They salected 17 independent variables (social and productive types) and one which is dependent (of the innovation use ‑Z‑). As measurement a questionnaire was applied. The results showed the established stages and these were different on the following variables: exposure to the media (X1), relationship with the changing agents or developing agents (X5), relationship with commercial business which commercialize products for the rural enviroment (X6), motivation for the realization and use of innovations. On the stege I, it was determined that the variable Z is related with the variables: X1, years of formal education and the years of cattle breeders; on the stage II Z is related with : X1 and the degree of training; and finally, on the stage III an outstanding correlation was found: empathy and fatalism between Z and the variables X1, X5, X6. In relation to the implementation of innovations, in the years of 1989‑90, 1990‑91 and 1993‑1994, we had the biggest percentage of usage, during the year 1989‑1997.

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