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Characterization floral of nineteen apricot trees (Prunus armeniaca L.) clones

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Authors: M.V. Andrés, J. Rodríguez‑Navarro, J.M. Durán
Issue: 95V-2 (179-188)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: apricot, clon, floral morphology, petal, Prunus armeniaca L.

Petal and corolla morphology of nineteen apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) clones, grown at Abarán (Murcia) were estudied. Differences among the 19 clones analyzed have been by measurent of 5 floral characteristics (length, width and number of petals, corolla diameter and pistils number). The petals width, the less uniform of the characters, reached 12 in "Palabras" and 17 mm in "Pepito", "Real Fino de Molina" and "Velázquez".

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